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R.C.C started trading in 1990 out of a plant in Benoni and rapidly became one of  the most recognized corrugated suppliers in the industry. Our company boasts the most up to-date production plant and continues with the assistance of our R&D to maintain such high levels.

 R.C.C. has grown over the last 20 years from a small sheet plant manufacturing +- 50 tons a month to a plant averaging 1200 tons a month.  With a vision of continual growth, new machinery potentially new partnerships, the operation has the resources to cater for the growing corrugated packaging requirements.

R.C.C. has constantly believed in mixing youthful enthusiasm with tried and tested experience, thus allowing for new and vibrant ideas to come to the fore, complemented with an experienced overview.

The company has always encouraged its employees to show uniqueness and diversity, allowing and promoting growth within the company and within oneself.

We supply a variety of industries including



Food and Beverage



Agricultural and more


Every project must start somewhere. We trust that as you consider your product range you will have come to realize that projects take time and planning. Well, its no different when it comes to packaging. So our process has awarded us some of the most influential accounts on the market. 

Connect with our sales team


These folks are not salesman as much as they are creative assistants that have extensive knowledge in the packaging industry and will be able to advise you on every part of this journey. We also in this initial phase will be able to assist you with graphics, box design, look and feel and give you an idea of projected delivery layouts. 

Feel free to contact any one of our SALES TEAM !

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