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Over 30 years of designing, manufacturing and delivering world-class boxes and packaging solutions. 

Welcome to Right Corrugated Containers.

10 000 M2 Factory Producing 1200 tons of Corrugated a month

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RCC are not simply about manufacturing boxes


We are about capturing and packaging the dreams and visions of our customers. 

From designing to manufacturing boxes, to having the team to get the job done. Some of the most prominent retailers and distributors place confidence in our team including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, FMCG, chemical and agricultural to name a few.


Creative specialists who work with you to determine style, board grade and graphics that each box will need.


RCC has a 10 000m2 Factory producing 1200 Tons of corrugated a month


The RCC fleet consists of 12 Trucks that ensures customers get prompt deliveries across Gauteng and beyond

Creative staff

Creative specialists who work with you to determine style, board grade and graphics that each box will need.

Latest Technology

We have invested in some of the best manufacturing technology to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency.



With over 1200 Tons of corrugated produced a month, RCC is one of the largest sheet plants in the country.


Our biggest attribute is that we can accommodate the requirements of small business all the way up to multi national corporations.


What is corrugated?

Everybody's seen it... just think of pizza boxes, or the big boxes that hold new refrigerators and televisions. Corrugated is built like a sandwich - characteristic arches of wavy "fluting" lying between two pieces of smooth board on the outside. 

Corrugated boxes are easy to recognize. Corrugated is made of paper and has an arched layer, called "fluting," between smooth sheets, called "liner." The corrugated most commonly used to make boxes has one layer of fluting between two smooth sheets. But there are many types of corrugated available, each with different flute sizes and thicknesses. 

Corrugated is an extremely durable, versatile, economical and lightweight material used for custom-manufactured shipping containers, packaging and point-of-purchase displays, in addition to numerous non-traditional applications ranging from pallets to children's toys to furniture.


Ready to bring your packaging vision to life?

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